Thursday, December 28, 2006


Dear loved ones and unloved ones,
Paula and I have spotted land, which is good, because I've had enough of being surrounded by seaweed and Paula is obsessed with sushi and keeps eating the weed, she offered it to me and I replied with "If I want to eat seaweed then I'll just like my legs," She wasn't happy. Never the less I hope that there are some animals on the island that I can eat.
With Hunger,

Friday, December 22, 2006

Getting Worried

Dear Readers
I have been checking Garhuckle's blog every hour for the past 24 hours and he still hasn't posted since the canoe broke us all apart (except for Paula and I which may I add is getting really annoying... so annoying infact that I would rather sleep with lions that twitch violently while they sleep, but that won't happen) I am fearing that Garhuckle has drowned, or that Ouga isn't a part of a secret orgenisation and that he just doesn't want to be with us anymore, hopefully neither of them. But I can only hope for the best.

With Worry,


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Outrigger Canoe

Dear Happy people that are far away from me,
The outrigger Canoe has sunk due to the fact that I saw Garhuckle stabbing holes in itwhist whipering (in phonetics) to himself that Ouga must die because he is a part of and has been in contact with the Greek Inteligence Agency (GIA for short). Shortly afterwards there was a loud crack and the outrigger canoe collaped splitting Ouga, Garhuckle, Paula and I up. Of course Alyss flew off to find land and I think Ouga is floating due west... or is it south? I can never tell. Garhuckle is traveling further and further away from Paula and I (Yes, we are stuck together) as we are approaching land. Hopefully once we get to land I will be able to locate Garhuckle and bring him to safety using the waterproof GPS that I implanted in him the moment he fell asleep (as I did with all of them (along with Alyss heh heh heh!)). But for now, all we can do is wait.

Soaking Regards,


P.S. I had a dream that Paula and Alyss kissed... can dreams become reality? If so, I'm scared!
P.P.S. Everyone thinks that Garhuckle is a bastard, I don't think so.