Sunday, November 26, 2006

Great... Just Great.

Dear followers of my grim story,
I am now stuck in Greece with Ouga... He seems to be liking me a lot due to the fact that he likes the Indian folk songs that I play on my fish lute, otherwise he just hits me on the head with his stick. I got sick of that so I took the guava off and ate it, Ouga didn't digest that too well, he has been stabbing me for the past hour, then I played a Indian lullaby, in which he fell asleep. Now I have to piggyback him every where. (Thank god he's light!)

Before that a giant Bird woman fell down in out boat after Ouga hit her on the head. She claims to be named, "Alyss Flite" and wanting pancakes before falling back in to a semi un-concious state. I wanted to do so Indian resuscitational skills on her... But Garhuckle wouldn't allow it, he said that I was out of my mind WELL HELLO! IF YOU HADN'T NOTICED I'M STUCK IN A BOAT WITH INSANE PEOPLE, OF COURSE I'M OUT OF MY MIND! (besides, I miss Ankur, I hope that Ishmal has given him his monthly dose of rose water mixed with a bit of cow poo.).

Shortly after Alyss' arrival, we came across the mysterious land that turned out to be canoe-eating snakes. They won, so then we had to use Alyss' wings as a raft. Ouga kept standing on my head... and then jumping on it, he proberly knocked me out because I woke up once being wetter than I remember.

After a while we difted upon the shores of Greece which is where I stand... with Ouga. Garhuckle went with Alyss to search for a hospital, Paula went to search for a drink and I wanted to explore... Ouga came with me.

With a very sore head,



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