Thursday, January 25, 2007

Got to find Garhuckle, Got to find Garhuckle.

Dear friends and others.
I am sorry that I have not posted in a long time, but I have been busy tracking Garhuckle's GPS device due to the fact that he gapped it whislt I was was stuck having kezsoed potion (a love potion that was shoved down my throat by Paula's neighbours who are from a tribe deep in the Amazon jungle. Don't know how the love potion works. They explained it, but they have an acsent that is hard to understand... so I'll just play it by ear).
Anyway, back on target. after the last post I watched as Garhuckle ran inside and Paula attempted to follow, but then went around the back and appeared soon after on the roof and into the chimney. Garhuckle ran out and into a cactus (and from what I lip read from his name is Sanchez). I then caught a glimse of Paula rushing out of the house before Suni and Ranta pulled me away from the window and told me about the potion and to drink it, but as soon as I did I was out like a light and woke up then next week in a fruit basket dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, and Apparently (according to a crack addicted bum) said that a wolf tried to eat me but then got scared from the fact that I had eyes tattooed on my eye lids, Thanks Alyss!. Very strange situation. I then caught Alyss flying over head, we caught up and then talked about the multipull Paula's. She then suddenly flew off as allways.

So now I am flying a jet that I found in a field (it didn't have that many people in it (besides, they need a lift New York) in a Little Red Riding Hood costume (for I don't know where my other clothes are) after finding Garhuckle's GPS location (in the ocean approaching New York city). If all goes well I should reach him and 005p within a couple of hours (hopefully 005p hasn't killed him).

As for Paula, I will hope to find and rescue you soon after finding Garhuckle.


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