Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Alyss Flite/Rescuing Paula and Garhuckle

Dear people, old and young,
I had been carring Ouga around on my back for a while and noticed that he weighs exactly the same as Jethro (My watermelon that was father of Gerald who was father of Gerald the II who was father of Gerald the III who was father of Gerald the IV who was my missing pet watermelon who I had to leave to to the fact that my house exploaded.) I then passed the hospital in which Alyss and Garhuckle was in, soon found that Garhuckle was not there and Alyss was out of her coma... al thought I wasn't in the room due to the fact that the nurses wouldn't let me, they say that Ouga smelt weired... Bitches.

I got my hands on a computer and found that Garhuckle has gotten into trouble. Woke Ouga up to get him to use his ears to find Paula but found that he continued stabbing me. grabbed a watermelon and shoved it on his stick and yelled "THERE, LOOK! BIG HARD THING TO SMASH THINGS WITH!" He then looked at it and swung it around, unforunately the watermelon caught the head on a local to whom was knocked out cold. Ran for it. Ouga eventually found Paula in a internet cafe with a crowd of people swaming around her, told Ouga to hit every one on the head... he enjoyed himself emencely with his new found toy whilst I grabbed Paula and once again, ran for it, grabbing Ouga along the way, who the started to hit me on the head as a source of entertainment, due to the fact that I had taken him away from the original source. Got tired of having my head smashed in so I snatched to stick off him and gave him a good whacking untill he fell unconscious. Ended up carrying him again while Paula carried his stick and watermelon who I called Aguo (Ouga backwards).

Ran back to the hospital, left Paula with Aguo and the still unconscious Ouga outside while I dashed in and grabbed Alyss, who said that she could fly and make sure that Garhuckle was at the Outrigger. After 5 minutes we saw her fly overhead and said that he was there.

So now we are at the Outrigger and all very tired. Garhuckle, Alyss Ouga and I are all awaiting Paula's return from the shops with corned beef with the money that she accumulated from the fans that she had (and maybe some fizzy drinks).

Tired Reguards,


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