Sunday, November 19, 2006

At sea with Garhuckle, Paula and... Ouga?

Dear bored ones,
I am getting increasingly annoyed with the amount of time spent out at sea( but thank god we survived that cyclone!). Day after day after day, watching Garhuckle and his makeshift computer, after taking it whilst he was sleeping, Ouga decided to wake him up by smashing him over the head with the guava. He is now nagging me for it. Anyway, Ouga to who speaks no english, (it’s a wonder how Garhuckle found out that "Ouga" was his name.) kept making hissing noises jumping around therefore I thought that it was some defence, but then I realized that that's noise that the lava makes when it tounches things. Like I said, he likes to hit Garhuckle on the head with his guava stick. Quite scary. Never the less, there is a giant thing that is flying in the sky (also quite scary) plus there is a blob on the horizon, hopefully land.

Hopefull reguards,

P.S. Paula and Garhuckle are not talking to me... apparently because I talk about Ankur and how I'm worried about him being with Ishmal too much. It's Poppycock.


At 1:22 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Charlie Pucker,
you do not know me, but i hope that someday you will regard me as a friend. i am what you are refering to as the large bird in the sky, and i hope that i have not scared you too much. however, i thought i should just let you know, that from my high perch up here, i can see the mass of canoe-eating water snakes getting ever closer....
just thought you might want to know.
Alyss Flite
P.s you may want to visit my blog at


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