Thursday, December 14, 2006

Outrigger Canoe

Dear Happy people that are far away from me,
The outrigger Canoe has sunk due to the fact that I saw Garhuckle stabbing holes in itwhist whipering (in phonetics) to himself that Ouga must die because he is a part of and has been in contact with the Greek Inteligence Agency (GIA for short). Shortly afterwards there was a loud crack and the outrigger canoe collaped splitting Ouga, Garhuckle, Paula and I up. Of course Alyss flew off to find land and I think Ouga is floating due west... or is it south? I can never tell. Garhuckle is traveling further and further away from Paula and I (Yes, we are stuck together) as we are approaching land. Hopefully once we get to land I will be able to locate Garhuckle and bring him to safety using the waterproof GPS that I implanted in him the moment he fell asleep (as I did with all of them (along with Alyss heh heh heh!)). But for now, all we can do is wait.

Soaking Regards,


P.S. I had a dream that Paula and Alyss kissed... can dreams become reality? If so, I'm scared!
P.P.S. Everyone thinks that Garhuckle is a bastard, I don't think so.


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