Sunday, November 12, 2006

Beech King Air 200

Dear People of the World,
I am very lucky/clever to be able to get my belovered Beech King Air 200 all the way from Australia to my home in Goa. From there I shall go to rescue Garhucle and Paula from the smoking Volcanoe. I will need someone to look after Ankur the pomegranate to who is now a little seedling. I think I'll get Ishmal to look after him, as long as his god damn cow doen't step on him!

Kind regards,


At 3:29 AM , Blogger Paula Rarkino Sinclare said...

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At 3:31 AM , Blogger Paula Rarkino Sinclare said...

I would gladly offer my help in sitting for Anker, were I not currently stuck on the very island without transport that you are heading towards in order to rescue me from the island without transportation that is stopping me from sitting for Anker.



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